Saturday, February 16, 2013

El Segundo TV: Sustainable El Segundo’s 'Family Energy Day' promotes ways to go green

On a brisk yet warm Saturday morning, around 350 wide-eyed El Segundo residents and members of the South Bay community joined at Plaza El Segundo for “Family Energy Day.” They gathered around the solar panels, electric vehicle charging station and demo car, not to mention the eight various environmental vendors.

 ImageIf you remember my two previous stories on Arbor Day and the Water Harvest Festival, even our friends at Tree Musketeers and West Basin Municipal Water District were there.
 The energy day is all part of the initiative called “Sustainable El Segundo.” About two years ago, private met public when NRG Energy partnered with the City of El Segundo to provide resources for creating a more sustainable environment. 
 Marie Fellhauer, El Segundo City Council Member, says the city is at the forefront of promoting sustainability and that she is proud to be a part of it.
 “And so having this event here, bringing the awareness to the community and to other public officials as well, and being an example … sets a tone for the entire region,” Fellhauer said. 
 There was something for every part of the family. Kids played educational games, while adults listened intently during green workshops.
 What struck me was the strong message about conservation. Energy, for example, is often taken for granted. However, one way to make a house green is to install solar panels that conserve energy use while making electricity bills more cost-efficient. Experts on alternative energy gave workshops to educate the public about solar energy.
 Another method of conservation is recycling. Remember the “three R’s” from middle school?—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Non-profit organization Grades of Green reminds the public and reinforces the “three R’s” in both kids and adults. The green organization’s Programs and Outreach Coordinator, Allie Bussjaeger coordinated games with the kids. She helped them distinguish which items to put in the recycle bin and which in the trash bin.
 “I think it’s just a matter of taking the time to look at the packaging, making sure it’s basically clean and empty. Every city has their own guidelines for recycling, so maybe making an effort to go on city websites, finding out who the waste hauler is, and then figuring out what they do accept,” Bussjaeger said.
 The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station and the demo EV was a big hit. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the brand-new, vibrant red EV.  Electric Vehicle Specialist Jill Brandt fully described its features. Check that out in my video!
 The EV may have convinced South Bay resident, David Louff to turn his car green.  
 “Actually, I think the thing that we enjoyed the most was learning about the charging station for the electric cars, and how they are expanding in Southern California,” Louff said. “I consider maybe my next car might be electric.”
 Watch my story here! I am excited to be covering my third green story for El Segundo TV.
Tune in next time for more!
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