Stories from El Segundo Cable TV

*Broadcast stories via YouTube: 
Super CPR Saturday
Water Harvest Festival
Sustainable El Segundo
Movie in the Park

Arbor Day 2012

Multimedia Videos for Collegian Wired 

Justice for Kenji Sayama 

Medea, Meet Multimedia 

2012 Rose Parade Multimedia Packages for Lancer Radio

City of LA Float: Dinosaurs in LA's Backyard 

City of Hope's Float: The Power of Hope

City of Alhambra's Float: Bearing Down the Track! 

Rosemont Pavillion Package

Asia Society's First Ever Hansik Dinner Event 

TVB (Cantonese Channel)--TV Host Competition

Smoking on Campus (Man-on-the-Street) Package

Work from UCLA 

Pacific Ties: Kollaboration Acoustic 5

Anchor Amy Lieu on UCLA ResTV Story

UCLA "Rock the Vote" Event in De Neve Quad

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