Thursday, August 2, 2012

Covering my next story: 'Movie in the Park' at El Segundo

This Saturday I am going to do my favorite thing again: reporting!
It's going to be about the El Segundo resident's enjoying a movie and some festivities at the park.
The event is hosted by The Rotary Club of El Segundo...which means they must be doing something meaningful for the community. Yay!
Look for my story that's coming soon!
Much love,


  1. Hey Amy,

    This is Luke from the meetup. I hope you still remember me. I've been meaning to keep in touch with you. Sorry, I've been busy with work and family. I just remembered your website on my phone. I hope you're doing well. Let's hang out! Nice job on the website.


  2. Hey Luke!
    Sorry for late response, been busy for the same reasons as you too! Great to hear from you though!! Luke, can you remind me again what your last name is? Do you still work for The Saban Free Clinic? Look forward to keeping in touch and catching up with you soon! Hope you are well too! Thanks so much for the kind comment on the site, glad you like it!